The gallant ship "Enthusia",
Her voyage just begun,
Sailed far away across the bay
Towards the setting sun.

 The captain paced along the deck
Upon his brow a frown,For he had seen a bit of wreck -
Another ship was down!

A pirate ship had scuttled her :
The captain knew that well.
And many a heart was filled with fear,
A fear no one could quell.

 The captain gave the order
For battle to prepare.
'Twas then he turned and saw her -
Yet never turned a hair.

 The pirate ship had thirty guns ;
A hundred in the crew: The good ship had but twenty-one,
And forty men were few.

And yet she fought against the foe
Until she was a wreck.
At last her prow began to dip.
The captain stood on deck.

 And then the ship began to sink -
The pirates raised a cheer.
But some with much remorse did think,
"These men have died `sans fear' "

 The gallant ship "Enthusia"
Will sail the seas no more.
Her crew and cap'n God preserve,
They're bound for Heaven's shore.


James Sinclair - Std. V.

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