These favourite school songs were composed by one of our most senior members, Charles Swan who attended Queen's Hill and Mount Hermon School, both as student and teacher between 1914 and 1936.

The School Song

Beloved Mount Hermon, we greet thee
Thy daughters and sons from afar,
As oft as we pause in our toiling
To hail thee, whose children we are.

Hail, Mount Hermon! Hail, Mount Hermon!
Safe for aye in memory's shrine.
Hail, Mount Hermon! Dear Mount Hermon!
Praise and love be ever thine.

With strong steady hand dost thou lead us,
Thy powerful arm is our stay,
Thy light is our beacon in darkness
Which ever will lend us its ray.

O may thy fair name live forever,
Be deeply impressed on each heart,
That we, in our trials and triumphs,
May ne'er from thy guidance depart.



Riding Roads of Sunshine

Riding roads of sunshine
On the wings of song,
Lands below the skyline
Lure our hearts along,
Herald golden-hearted
Trumpet loud and gay,
Shouting: "We have started,
Going home today!"

Say, "Goodbye Mount Hermon"
Woods, and hills "Goodbye."
School days are behind us,
On our way we fly.
Say, "Goodbye Darjeeling,"
Wintered cold and grey,
Round the bend we leave it
Going home today!

See the winding roadway
On to Kurseong,
Purple is the sunset
As we roll along.
See the plains before us
Dark and far away;
Calling us to hasten,
Going home today!

Now we're riding homeward
Through Terai at night
On a silver highway,
Singing our delight.
Now the plains before us,
Now we swing and sway.
Into Siliguri,
Going home today!



Hurry Home

Hurry home, the reservations are made;
Hurry home, the railway fare has been paid;
Hurry home, oh join the glad cavalcade;
And hurry, hurry, hurry home.

Hurry home, take off the brakes engineer;
Hurry home, put on the speed when we cheer;
Hurry home, don't stop at stations this year;
But hurry, hurry, hurry home.



"Going Home Day has come at last"
(Mount Hermon version)

(Sung to tune of "Camptown Races")

Going Home Day has come at last, doo dah, doo dah,
Going Home Day has come at last, doo dah, doo dah day.
We travel all the night, we travel all the day
We spent our money on the DHR, doo dah, doo dah day.

(Sung to tune of "Riding down from Bangor")

Down from old Mount Hermon on a small toy train
After nine months' mugging back to home again.
Teachers are so rosy, children are the same,
Everybody's happy, waiting for the train.

Ghoom, Sonada, Kurseong,
All are left behind,
Though our journey's very long
I'm sure we do not mind.

When we reach Sealdah
Hail it with a shout,
"Pan, Bidi, cigarette"
Hop the beggars out!



Old Walls

Old walls are friendly walls
Friendly walls, farewell!
Old walls hold memories
That breathe a kindly spell.
Breathe then your benison
On me as I depart,
I'll keep your memory
Warm in my heart.

Old shadowed arches grey,
Long have we been friends.
We can no longer stay
Where your kind shade extends
Breathe then your benison
On me as I depart,
I'll keep your memory
Warm in my heart.

Old friends are loyal friends,
Friends of happy days.
Now we must say goodbye
And go dividing ways
Breathe then your benison
On me as I depart,
I'll keep your memory
Warm in my heart.



Farewell Song

Farewell - school days, farewell to you
We leave the classroom and playground too
Nine months of work are through.
Goodbye, Mount Hermon, although we love you so
All is excitement, and our hearts are gay
For we're going home today.



Singalila Song

Along the Singalila skyline
I'll climb the rhododendron road
To find beyond the fragrant springtime
The spirit's loftiest abode;
And where the mountains meet the morning
The world held in a moment's span,
I'll hear the wisdom of the Timless
To love my God and serve my fellow man.

Among the echoes of the valley,
The Teesta rushing to the sea,
I'll join the people bearing burdens
And sing the song that sets men free.
And where the plains spread out before me,
I'll join the city's stirring throng.
With mountain beauty in my spirit
I'll sing for them my Singalila Song.

(The Singalila Song was written by Dr. Charles Swan in about 1966).

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