School of 1948


The pictures on this page were very kindly sent to me by Martin Sepion whose father, Frank Sepion (sadly now deceased) was at Mount Hermon School between 1945-50.  These photographs were probably taken around about 1948.    Should you recognize yourself in any of these pictures, please do write in.  We will be glad to hear from you.  

These thumbnail images are of low definition.  To see the pictures more clearly and in full size, please click on them individually.  To return to this page, click on the Back Button of your browser.

1948 Camping1.jpg (44937 bytes)

Cooking at camp

1948 Camping2.jpg (78435 bytes)

Camping group

1948 Boys Crossing River.jpg (59327 bytes)

Crossing the river 

1948 Sunbathing Riverbank.jpg (55530 bytes)

Fooling around on the river bank

1948 Sunbathing Riverbank2.jpg (71004 bytes)

The same again

1948 Swimming Hole1.jpg (90757 bytes)

Frolicking  in the Swimming Hole


1948 Swimming Hole3.jpg (58836 bytes)

The Swimming Hole again


1948 Sunbathing Fernhill roof.jpg (60741 bytes)

Basking in the sun on Fern Hill terrace


1948 Science Class.jpg (61996 bytes)

Science Class - more serious stuff! 
Front Row L to R - Brenda Guha (?), Joy Callow, Dick Kern, "Humphrey" Bhagat.
  Back Row - Frank Sepion, Tom Robinson and one other.  Class Mistress at the back.

1948 Group.jpg (48861 bytes)

Mr. Krenek (centre) with students
Krishna ....(?) on the left & Samson Manaen on the right.  Below - "Humphrey" Bhagat, another and Frank Sepion.


1948 Rambling.jpg (49875 bytes)

Rambling in the Himalayas



1948 Frank Sepion2.jpg (25326 bytes)

Frank Sepion 1948



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