School of 1934


The photographs published on this page are from the "Blue and Gold" 1934 Yearbook, kindly sent to me by Kitty Katzell (Mildred Engberg), daughter of former Headmistress, Lila Engberg.  Kitty also sent me her old school album of photographs taken when she was in school, some of which are also included on this page.  Unfortunately, the Yearbook does not mention all the names of  the children in the photographs, but if you happen to recognise anyone, or perhaps even yourself, please do write in and I will include them.




Senior Cambridge Graduates 1934

SC02.jpg (102809 bytes)

Margaret Davis (Mank)

SC01.jpg (95487 bytes)

Adrienne Kilroy (Moonface)

SC04.jpg (104145 bytes)

Elsie Seaman (Elise)

SC05.jpg (111571 bytes)

Mary Williamson (William)

SC06.jpg (99730 bytes)

Hazelle Elliot (Hay)

SC07.jpg (114406 bytes)

John Swan (Johnnie)

SC08.jpg (112910 bytes)

Emily Durham ((Em)

SC09.jpg (104079 bytes)

Ethel Ahlquist (Etee)

SC10.jpg (83251 bytes)

Mascotte Apcar (Maskit)

SC12.jpg (92640 bytes)

Brenda Dutt (Butoo)

SC11.jpg (87354 bytes)

Margaret Stuart (Peggy)

SC13.jpg (114497 bytes)

Lucy Moss (Louse)

SC14.jpg (116295 bytes)

Henry Swan (Hank)


SC03.jpg (67139 bytes)

Barbara Murphy (Babs)


SC15.jpg (109800 bytes)

Miss Gladys Garnett


The Rest of the School


KG Snaps1.jpg (409284 bytes)

KG Snaps 1

Kinder.jpg (197715 bytes)



KG Snaps2.jpg (484643 bytes)

KG Snaps 2


Std1.jpg (169173 bytes)

Std. 1

Std2.jpg (116417 bytes)

Std. 2

Std3.jpg (134546 bytes)

Std. 3

Std4.jpg (138211 bytes)

Std. 4

Std.5.jpg (122981 bytes)

Std. 5


Standard Six.jpg (813620 bytes)

Standard Six

Standard Seven.jpg (675033 bytes)

Standard Seven

Jr Class of 34.jpg (419344 bytes)

Junior Class

Rose Between Two Thorns.jpg (836729 bytes)

A collage of memories

Swimming at Fern Hill.jpg (1330089 bytes)

Fun at the Fern Hill Swimming Hole


Misc Groups1.jpg (1019293 bytes)

Mixed Groups 1



Misc Groups2.jpg (759572 bytes)

Mixed Groups 2


Mixed Groups 3

Mixed Groups 4

The Music Class

Kate & Tess Tsarong with Lila Engberg


Girls' Balancing Act

Girls Playing

Girls Swinging

Childrens' Fancy Dress

A Fairy Princess' Wedding


Mixed Groups 5


Mixed Groups 6



Mixed Groups 7


Mixed Groups 8

Mixed Groups 9

Mixed Groups 10

Mixed Groups 11


Mixed Groups 12


Mixed Groups 13


Mixed Groups 14


Scouts 1

Scouts 2

Small Kiddies


Two school chums

And again with another chum

Mildred Engberg

Mildred's Mother & Headmistress
Lila Engberg 1934


Earthquake Damage to the School Building 1934




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