Old Darjeeling Photographs

Here are some interesting photographs of Darjeeling earlier in the last century.  Some of them were very kindly sent to me by Sally Stewart, an ex-Dow Hill School student, and Susan Eason, great-great grandniece of Carolyn Stahl; others I found stashed away in an old shoe-box, and surprise, surprise, I found some in an old album at a book fair in London that once belonged to an old soldier of World War I!  
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Kings_Birthday.jpg (97291 bytes)

King's Birthday Darjeeling
Chowrasta 1909


Old_Chowrasta.jpg (69855 bytes)

The Chowrasta in about 1905


Chowrasta Under Snow.jpg (106472 bytes)

Chowrasta under snow about
1907 (Stahl Collection)


plivasindarjeeling1930s_tmp.jpg (45669 bytes)

Passing "Plivas" Commercial Row 1930's

Chalet Chowrasta.jpg (66142 bytes)

The Chalet, Chowrasta
(Lila Engberg's Album)


Eden San.jpg (301608 bytes)

Eden Sanitorium
(Lila Engberg's Album)

Old Darjeeling Station.jpg (492984 bytes)

Old Darjeeling DHR Station
(Lila Engberg's Album)

DHR Ghoom Loop.jpg (287555 bytes)

DHR on Ghoom Loop
(Lila Engberg's Album)

Planters_Club_1941.jpg (71187 bytes)

Keventers & Planters' Club 1930s

darjeelinginthe1930s.jpg (76673 bytes)

Looking down on Auckland Road

Birdseye_view_Darj_1941.jpg (87134 bytes)

Bird's Eye view of Darjeeling 1930s

Prayer Flags Observatory Hill.jpg (51557 bytes)

Prayer Flags Observatory Hill


Mary Tsarong grey.jpg (100509 bytes)

Mary Tsarong (Rinchen Dolma Taring) first Tibetan girl to receive a western education 
See "Daughter of Tibet."




Tibetan Family Grey.jpg (60176 bytes)

A Tibetan Family
(Stahl Collection)




Familyonmoutainside Grey.jpg (85150 bytes)

Family on Mountainside
(Stahl Collection)




Bhutia_girl_weaving_1941.jpg (68159 bytes)

Tibetan Weaver Woman



Begging Lama.jpg (122346 bytes)

Begging Lama
(Lila Engberg's Album)

Begging Lama2.jpg (212174 bytes)

Lama with drum
(Lila Engberg's Album)


Ornamented Nepalese Woman.jpg (129208 bytes)

Ornamented Nepalese Woman
(Lila Engberg's Album)


Tibetan Devil Dancer.jpg (119422 bytes)

Tibetan Devil Dancer
(Lila Engberg's Album)

Darjeeling Bazaar 2.jpg (47604 bytes)

Darjeeling Bazaar 1916

Native Lady with Baby.jpg (43917 bytes)

Native lady with baby 1916

Native Ladies Finery.jpg (51614 bytes)

Dressed in all their finery 1916

Women in Market.jpg (44551 bytes)

Women in Darjeeling Market 1916

Darjeeling Bazaar.jpg (61631 bytes)

Darjeeling Bazaar 1916

Ghoom near Darj.jpg (36699 bytes)

Darjeeling near Ghoom 1916

Toy_Train_Sonada_Forest.jpg (87705 bytes)

Toy Train - Sonada Forest

Toy_Train_Darj_Ave.jpg (81008 bytes)

Toy Train Darjeeling Avenue


Tea Sorters 1.jpg (40619 bytes)

Tea Sorters


Bhuddist Temple.jpg (53765 bytes)

Buddhist Roadside Temple

Bazaar_Shops_1940.jpg (60186 bytes)

Vegetable Shop 1930s

Veg Stall.jpg (51459 bytes)

Vegetable Seller


Victoria_Falls.jpg (92242 bytes)

Victoria Falls


Victoria Bridge.jpg (53131 bytes)

Victoria Bridge 1916

Tea Picker.jpg (75962 bytes)

Tea Picker

Tea Sorter.jpg (42512 bytes)

Tea Sorter

Takvar TE.jpg (76360 bytes)

Tukvar Tea Estate 1916

Dad & Tea.jpg (117025 bytes)

Tea Planter with Tea Pickers
Steinthal Tea Estate 1930s


Rishihaut TE.jpg (43911 bytes)

Ready for the Ride - Rishihaut Tea Estate, 1930s

Rishihaut bungalow.jpg (37520 bytes)

Bungalow - Rishihaut Tea Estate

Capitol Cinema 1950s

Darjeeling 1920s (Courtesy Sujit Kumar)

Looking across to the Eden San (Courtesy Sujit Kumar)

Darjeeling Railway Station 1920s (Courtesy Sujit Kumar)

Darjeeling from Birch Hill 1920s (Courtesy Sujit Kumar)

The Cart Road (Courtesy Sujit Kumar)

Darjeeling Bazaar 1920s (Courtesy Sujit Kumar)


Queen's Hill School under construction about 1925(Courtesy Sujit Kumar)


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