Pictures of the Old School

Here are some pictures of the old school.  Some were from old school magazines; others were kindly sent to me recently by the great-great grandniece of Carolyn Stahl from her Aunt "Josie's" collection.  Some of these pictures have notes written by Carolyn Stahl.

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School photo circa 1940.  The pupils and staff are together on the playing field below the main school building.  As the tree dahlias are in blossom the time of year could be autumn.  The original black and white photograph from the collection of Mrs Enid Weggery,  As Enid Arnland, she boarded at Mount Hermon from 1931-1941.  Enid now lives in New Zealand.  The photo has been hand coloured by Jane, a friend of the family.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see it in larger size.

Photoshop work on photoscan by Hot Copy of Wellington, New Zealand


Queenshillschoolfront Edited.jpg (129536 bytes)

The Original Queen's Hill School 1907
(Stahl Collection)

QH_Entrance_1907.jpg (96100 bytes)

Entrance to old Queen's Hill School 1907

QH KG Hall 1907.jpg (100446 bytes)

Queen's Hill Kindergarten Hall 1907

Queens Hill from above.jpg (82950 bytes)

Old Queen's Hill about 1907
 (Stahl Collection)

School Bldg after construction.jpg (216744 bytes)

School recently constructed 1925
(Stahl Collection)

New School Bldg.jpg (129095 bytes)
School Front & Snows from
Top Flat (Stahl Collection)
Childrens dorm.jpg (128649 bytes)

Children's dorm (Stahl Collection) 

New School Bldg Grey.jpg (67000 bytes)

Recently built New School Building (about 1925) 
with notes from Carolyn Stahl.
(Stahl Collection)

Building after landslide.jpg (75519 bytes)

Earthquake Damage 1898
(Stahl Collection)

Earthquake Damage 2.jpg (21857 bytes)

Earthquake Damage 1934
Teacher's Wing (Stahl Collection)

Earthquake Damage 1.jpg (112967 bytes)
Earthquake Damage 1934
(Stahl Collection)

Earthquake Damage 1 Grey.jpg (16559 bytes)

Earthquake Damage 1934
Southeast Corner of Assembly Hall
(Stahl Collection)


School Building 1932.jpg (56551 bytes)

The school from playing field 1932

School_and_new_gym.jpg (84287 bytes)

School and "new" gym 1941

School from top flat.jpg (60703 bytes)

The snows from school flat

Main school bldg 1939.jpg (36371 bytes)

Main school building from entrance 1941

School 1978.jpg (75005 bytes)

Main school building more recently in 1978

Our_Swimming_Hole.jpg (49152 bytes)

"Our Swimming Hole" - Fern Hill Boys' Hostel 1932

Fernhill_1932.jpg (51570 bytes)

Fern Hill, Boys' Hostel 1932

Fernhill 1939.jpg (49951 bytes)

Fern Hill again 1941

New_gym_1939.jpg (101180 bytes)

The "new" Gym, 1939

School_Hospital.jpg (73383 bytes)

The "new" school infirmary 1932

Playing_Field_1941.jpg (92069 bytes)

The playing field and snows

MH_Cottages.jpg (98149 bytes)

Cottages on Mount Hermon Estate

1962 New Building1.jpg (66080 bytes)

Stewart Building under construction 1962

1963 Stewart Building.jpg (74626 bytes)

The new Stewart Building completed - 1963

1961 Multipurpose bldg.jpg (54658 bytes)

Multipurpose Building under construction 1961.

0051Mt.Hermonin1953.JPG (34746 bytes)

School Building 1953 (sent in by former headmaster Rev. J. Johnston)

0050Fernhillin1953(nopool;noroundbuilding).JPG (30568 bytes)

Fernhill 1953 before pool and round building were built (sent in my former headmaster Rev. J. Johnston

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