OMHSA Members List


Name of Member

Maiden Name

At School

Now residing in

Joy Abrahams Callow 1936-48 England
Neil Baird-Watson   1941-43 Scotland
Shymal Bhattacharjee   1966-71 India
Margaret Bloesch Davis 1928-35 USA
Dianne Bonny Williamson 1942-45 England
Joy Mary Broad Wade 1941-42 England
Elizabeth Clements Hardy 1940-47 Australia
Betty Cooper Peterson 1941-44 England
Joyce Course Le Roy 1946-48 England
Ira Dash Rao 1941-47 USA
June Dewsberry Baur 1935-43 USA
Tammy (Tehmi) Dalal Bhagat 1956 - 64 USA
Liz (Betty) Ellis Halden 1939-47 England
Myrtle Forbes Pateman 1933-42 England
Delores Fritchley Heinly 1926-34 USA
Newton Fritchley   1923-24 (QHS) USA
David Ghey   1943-44 England
Frances Ghey   1939-43 England
Ronen Ghose   1950s England
Lucinda (Cindy) Gibbs   1968-72 Ireland
Elizabeth Goold Dodd 1937-45 England
Griffiths, Roger   1963-65 England
Bachan Gyawali     Nepal
Nina Harkness Wason 1961-72 USA
Marjorie Holland Richards 1939-44 England
Gordon Hostetler   1941-45 USA
Sue Hughes     England
Rosemary Hunt Simmons 1944-47 England
John & Val Johnston   1953-70 & 78-90 Australia
Ruth Joyce Crofts   Australia
Jigmi N. Kazi     Sikkim
Richard Kern   1949 USA
Fazle Khundkar   1943-45 England
Joyce King Johnstone 1942 France
Basil LaBouchardiére     England
John Lee   early 1940's USA
Samden Lhatoo   1971-84 England
Patsy Maartensz Fox 1934-38 Australia
Daisy McLaughlin Badal Late 1930s England
Catherine Morris Jewkes 1936-45 England
Barry Morrow   1950-57 England
Daphne Moss Stuart 1930-36/39-40 South Africa
Tricia Murray   1955-78 Tchr New Zealand
Greta Halling Nielsen Christensen 1943-45 Denmark
Joyce Otway Keay 1934-43 Australia
Daphne Painting Collins 1934-39 New Zealand
Elizabeth Pease Sibley 1937-48 England
Kari-Ann Pedersen   1950s Norway
Joyce Perry Richards 1936-43 England
Betty Quinney Sutton 1941-43 England
Tariq A. Rahman   1958-65 England
Pratab Sing Rai     India
Abu Rauff   1946-1954 Singapore
Patricia (Trish) Russell   1968-92 & 96 Tchr England
Elizabeth Scott Snook 1939-46 England
John Simmons   1940-48 England
James Sinclair   1954-55 England
Jagjit Singh Chipra     India
Ida Mary Smith Ray 1939-44 England
Heather Spicer Watson 1940-46 Australia
Mauveen Stones Roach   Australia
Aileen Swan Beat 1940-44 England
Ingrid Vallund   1950s Norway
Dulcie Vant Lacey 1940-42 England
Pradip Verma   1965-71 India
Joyce Wainwright   1961-73 Tchr. England
Doreen Ward Stevens 1941-46 England
Avril Watson Thompson   Australia
Doris White Hunt 1936-38/41-44 England

Some of our members are on email and some are not.  Should you wish to contact anyone, please email James Sinclair at and he will do his best to put you in touch.

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