This Page is still incomplete, but shows how our OMHSA members look now, after all these years.  As more pictures become available, I will include them on this page.  Please click on the pictures to see them larger and clearer.

OMHSA Reunion 2000.jpg (82465 bytes) OMHSA REUNION 2000

L to R: Betty (Hardy) Clements; Joyce (Ezekiel) Thorne; Hazel (Innes) Craig; Liz (Betty Halden) Ellis; Doreen (Stevens) Ward;

2001 OMHSA Reunion.jpg (152049 bytes)

OMHSA Reunion London 2001

Back  - L to R: Hazel (Innes) Craig ; Joy (Callow) Abrahams; Liz (Betty Halden)  Ellis 

Middle: L to R: James Sinclair; Doreen (Stevens) Ward; Betty (Peterson) Cooper; Joy Mary (Wade) Broad;   John Hudson; Tariq Rahman; Robin Serle; David Francis; Elizabeth (Dodd) Goold; Gerald Rayner.

OMHSA Reunion 2003.jpg (123061 bytes) OMHSA Reunion London 2003

L to R (Standing): Fazle Khundkar; James Pyke (Guest); Terry Martin (Guest); James Sinclair; Pat Woodger (Guest); Liz (Betty Halden) Ellis;

L to R: (Seated): Hazel (Innes) Craig; Joyce (Ezekiel) Thorne; Doreen (Stevens) Ward. 

MHUSA_Reunion.jpg (154041 bytes)

MHUSA Reunion - USA

June Dewesberry of the Mount Hermon association in the USA sent in this photograph taken at their reunion on September 3, 2002.  Sadly MHUSA has now been disbanded.

Front Row:  (left to right) Esther Kniss Augsburger*, Laverne Vogt Nafziger*, Lois Hostetler Bjerkstrand,* Marylou Engle Bert*

Second Row:  John Jay Hostetler*, Mary Ann Hostetler Melchert*, Verna Troyer, Dana Troyer*, Ardys Engle Thuma*, Nancy Hostetler

Third Row: Ellen Turner, Esther Kniss, Jane Feierabend, Carolyn Turner Newton*, Audrey Anderson Wheeler*, Malcolm Davis*, June Baur Dewsberry*, Irene Dunn*

Last two rows:  (follow the heads!) Ted Feierabend*, Paul Kniss*, Calvin Newton, Emil Menzel*, John Turner*, Harriet Menzel, Myron Augsburger, Roger Wheeler, Dean Nafziger, Dick Kern*, Art Dewsberry, Sharon Kern, Phyllis Hostetler, Gordon Hostetler*.

The asterisks ( * ) denote MHS alums.  The rest are spouses.

OMHSA Reunion 2003

L to R:  Guest Terry Martin, Author of "Halfway To Heaven," a book on Darjeeling and its remarkable railway, Hazel Craig (Innes), Author: "Under The Old School Topee" and Secretary OMHSA, and Hon. Treasurer, James Sinclair.  Taken at the Bombay Brasserie, London.

Three Prins.jpg (120243 bytes)


L to R:  Rev. John Johnston, Mr. Graeme Murray and Rev. David Stewart.  Taken at Reunion in Canberra, 199? and published with the kind permission of Joy of the Hermonites Reunite website.

Stewarts.JPG (63573 bytes)

David and Dorothy Stewart, Christmas 2003




REUNION MAY 2007 at the Bombay Brasserie, London

IMG_0392.jpg (126235 bytes)

Tariq's little girl, Menno Ziessen and Tariq Rahman.


IMG_0393.jpg (159776 bytes)

Pat Woodger (Guest) Jimmy Pyke (Guest - North Point), Liz Ellis (Betty Halden) and Terry Martin (Guest) author of "The Iron Sherpa."

IMG_0394.jpg (143887 bytes)

Hazel (Innes) Craig, Fabien Raymondaud (Guest), Elizabeth (Dodd) Goold and Joy (Wade) Broad.

IMG_0396.jpg (118706 bytes)

Lucinda (Gibbs) Wharrie & Shantha Arulanantham.


IMG_0398.jpg (143082 bytes)

Joy (Wade) Broad, Keith Bonny (Guest) and Dianne (Williamson) Bonny

IMG_0399.jpg (78018 bytes)

Shantha, Lucinda & Dianne

IMG_0400.jpg (118161 bytes)

Keith, Liz Ellis (Betty Halden) and Tariq Rahman's little daughter.

IMG_0403.jpg (130711 bytes)

Liz Ellis (Betty Halden), Jim Sinclair, Fazle Khundkar, Menno Ziessen, Jimmy Pyke (NP) and Terry Martin (Guest)

IMG_0407.jpg (73925 bytes) Picture on Left:  L to R:

Standing -  Fazle Khundkar, Menno Ziessen, Tariq Rahman, Jim Sinclair, Pat Woodger (Guest), Terry Martin (Guest), Lucinda (Gibbs) Wharrie, Jimmy Pyke (Guest) Shantha Arulanantham, Keith Bonny (Guest), Fabien Raymondaud (Guest), Eliz (Dodd) Goold.

Sitting: Tariq's little girl, Hazel (Innes) Craig, Dianne (Williamson) Bonny, Liz (Halden) Ellis & Joy (Wade) Broad


IMG_0404.jpg (140641 bytes) Picture on Left: L to R:

Liz Ellis (Betty Halden), Jim Sinclair, Fazle Khundkar, Menno Ziessen, Jimmy Pyke, Terry Martin and Shantha Arulanantham

Reunion of 3 classmates from 1954-55 at the Shikara Indian Restaurant, London on 19th December 2007
Left to Right - Jim Sinclair, Barry Morrow and Menno Ziessen.

IMG_0148.JPG (65029 bytes) IMG_0149.JPG (66028 bytes) IMG_0159.JPG (58649 bytes)

Reunion 26th April 2008 at the Bombay Brasserie

IMG_0265.JPG (153256 bytes)
Guest Fabien Raymondaud with Hazel (Innes) Craig
IMG_0267.JPG (362212 bytes)
Guests Peter Tiller, Terry Martin of the DH Railway Society and Joy Broad.
IMG_0268.JPG (289857 bytes)
Liz Ellis (Betty Halden) with Ida Smith (Ray)
IMG_0269.JPG (343319 bytes)
Fazle Khundkar with Guests (Joy's daughter and ex North-Pointer Jimmy Pyke)


Reunion 23rd May 2009 at the Bombay Brasserie


IMG_0507.JPG (69032 bytes)

Liz Ellis (Betty Halden)

IMG_0509.JPG (71567 bytes)

Daisy McLaughin (Badal) with Doreen Ward (Stevens)

IMG_0510.JPG (86144 bytes)

L to R: Rita Ghose, Menno Ziessen, Trish Russell and Ronen Ghose.

IMG_0512.JPG (86785 bytes)

L to R: Menno Ziessen, Ronen Ghose, Rita Ghose, Jim Sinclair.

IMG_0513.JPG (74508 bytes)

Terry Martin browsing through Kitty Katzell (Mildred Engberg's) old  album.

IMG_0514.JPG (63973 bytes)

Terry Martin and Hazel (Innes) Craig.

IMG_2450.jpg (100404 bytes)

Jim Sinclair with Terry Martin.

IMG_2463.jpg (93165 bytes)

BB Manager & Hazel (Innes) Craig.

IMG_0520.JPG (79420 bytes) Group: L to R: Jim Sinclair, Liz Ellis (Betty Halden), Hazel (Innes) Craig, Doreen Ward (Stevens), Trish Russell, Fazle Khundkar, Fabien Raymondaud (Guest), Ida Smith (Ray) with Terry Martin standing behind, Daisy McLaughlin, Rita Ghose.




Reunion 22nd May 2010 at The Bombay Brasserie


IMG_0737.jpg (77562 bytes)

Jimmy Pyke (Guest), Joyce Course (Leroy) and Gaye Davis

IMG_0738.jpg (75993 bytes)

Hazel (Innes) Craig and guest
Celine Franklin

IMG_0739.jpg (76224 bytes)

Jimmy Pyke, Liz Ellis (Betty Halden), Tariq Rahman Hazel Craig & Fazle Khundkar

IMG_0740.jpg (78388 bytes)

Gaye Davis and her mother Daisy McLaughin (Badal)

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