We have recently heard from the following visitors to our website who would like to hear from old friends during their school years.  If you would like to contact any of these, please write in to James Sinclair at  and I will be pleased to put you in touch.


Name In School Now Residing in Would like to Contact:
Rachel Cliffe (Isaacs) 1946 - 1951 Australia Would love to hear from any of her old schoolfellows who may remember her.
Patricia Vendla Stagg 1943 - 1950 Australia Would like to contact her old school friend Maureen Simpson who moved to England and became an architect.
Tony Neill 1949 - 1953   Wishes to contact Margaret Griffith (Nichols), Davina (Lambert Quinliven's daughter), Patricia Stagg and Mina Gupta.
Chris Wilde 1963 - 1964 England Visiting Darjeeling in August 2018 and would like to know from anyone wishing to contact old school friends there.
Judith Taylor 1940s UK? Would like to contact any of her school friends who may remember her, particularly Elizabeth Sibley (Pease).
John Cowie 1941 - 43 South Africa Remembers Mr and Mrs Hershberger and a pupil by the name of Denise Breaks.  Would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.
Maj-Lis Green (Aho) 1950;s Australia Her brothers Aimo and Aulis were also in school with Maj-Lis.  She wished to contact friends like Andrea Phillips, and I am pleased to say that they are now in touch.
June Dewsberry (Baur) 1935 - 43 USA June would like to contact anyone who may know of the whereabouts of her colleague Terrance Moorehouse who was in school with her in the 1930s - '40s.
Margaret Mapley (Jackson) 1966 - 68 Canada Would like to contact anyone who may remember her.
Margaret Perkins (Whitlock) 1943 - 48 Australia Would like to contact any of her old school friends.
Ivy Bloud 1930s   Does anyone know of or remember Ivy Bloud who was a Music Teacher in MHS in the 1930s, Would be grateful to hear from anyone who does.
Nilima Raichowdhury (Schmid) 1950s - 60s Germany Would like to hear from school friends from her time at school.
Barbara Wood (nee Khan) 1939 - 43   Her daughter Louella Turner contacted me to say her mum would like to contact any school friends who may remember her.
Joyce Otway (Keay) 1934-43 Australia Old friends from her schooldays.
Kamal Haque (Humayun A. Kamal) 1954 - 61 Bangladesh Bhushan Chapra, John Hudson, Dicky Wanchuk (Bhutan), Pal Singh (1961).
Pat Booth (Eade) 1951 - 60 New Zealand Kathleen and Moselle Meyers, Lynda Martin.
Bhaskar Paul 1989 - 95 India Old school friends from his years.
Mirza Obaidur Rahman 1953 India Mr. Murray and Mr. Stewart
G.S. Jolly (Lt. Col. Retd.) 1961 - 63 Hyderabad, India Richard Tamang, David Bagge, Tehmi Fatakia, Gertrude Lingwood.
Chaew Chai 1962 - 65 Bangkok, Thailand Cherry Densapa
Michael Rebeiro 1988 - 89 Kolkata, India Looking for Mrs. N. West, Psychology Professor at MH TTC.
Ranjit Dasgupta 1954-1963 Bangalore, India Would like to hear from Hermonites during his school years.
Pippa Childerhouse Never   Is anxious to contact the Laws sisters, or anyone who may remember them, who were in school around about 1949, as they are half-sisters of her mother.
Yu Shan 1967-68 Toronto, Canada Old school friends - particularly Bijoy Tamang in Nepal
Lambert Quinlivan Late 40's Early 50's   His daughter, Davina, would like to hear from anyone who may remember her late father Lambert Quinlivan who was in school in the late 40's early 50's.
Lynda Du Croix (Martin) 1953-59 Australia Old friends from her time - like Virginia Montgomery (Wentzell), Penny Duckworth etc.
Jigmi Kazi 1963-79 Sikkim He was also a Teacher from 1976-79 and elected President of Hermonites International, formed in 2005.  He would like to get in touch with Hermonites all over the world and become a linkman for the Hermonites.  There is a link to Hermonites International on our Other Schools page.
Calvin Laporte     Was at the TTC at Mount Hermon and would like to hear from any friends. 
Edmund Jonah 1945   Would be interested to know anyone who was in MHS during the time Tom Stoppard (Thomas Straussler) was in school, in the 1940's.
Zoe Kelman     Great-granddaughter of Zoe Dozey.  Would like to contact Tony Morgan and anyone who remembers her great grandmother or other members of the Kelman family (Keith and Wendy)
Tim Reynolds 1969-70 UK Would like to know if there are any Hermonites in the former Eastern Block countries.
Carol Horne     Is researching her Uncle, David Robb Edwards (born 1931) who was in school in about 1942-45 and would like to hear from anyone who might remember him.
Greta Halling Nielsen 1940's   Friends from her school years.  
Sandra Robinson (Phillippe) 1959   Maj-Lis Aho and other school friends.
Aimo Aho 1955-59 Australia Sister of Maj-Lis Aho and Aulis Aho.  Would like to hear from school friends especially Gwenda Thompson and Andrea Phillippe.
Connie Isaacs (nee Constance Mozelle Anna Saul) 1941-42 Australia Her brother David Gaguine Saul wrote in asking if any member knows of her mother, Hilda Solomon (born 1914) who was in school in the mid 1920's.
Wajid Ali Khan Panni 1955 Bangladesh Was in Class 3 (Miss Hutley's class) and would like to contact his other class friends, particularly Dibyendu Banerjee.
June (Anderson) Wallin 1940's   Hazel Craig and friends from her school years.
Roger Renny 1941-46 UK Would like to hear from anyone who remembers him from his school years.  
Philip Manuel 1958-63 (North Point) UK He and his brothers were in school (North Point) from 1958-63, and he would like to contact any old North Pointers from those years.
Nirmal K. Mondol ??? USA Miss Mary Badal & Prof. Philipe Sandre who he met in the music department in the summer of 1943.
Fred Osgood (Ozzy) 1937-42 ? Benjamin Badal & Daisy Badal. 
Laurie Reynolds 1969-70 UK Friends from her years at school.
Melanie Tucker Never USA Wishes to contact Joy Abrahams (whose email address is needed) for some family history information which she thinks Joy might be able to help with.
Tracie Thomas Never UK Is the granddaughter of Ellen (Nellie) Payne who was a student and a student-teacher in 1936-37.  Has her grandmother's autograph album with many entries from her school friends at that time.
Mahesh Singh  Up to 1973 India (Delhi) Would like to contact students from his school years.  He is practising law in the Delhi courts.
Jean Hurley (Benedict) 1950's ? Was at school with her brothers and remembers Nilima Raichoudhury who she would like to contact.
Frank Jacobs Never Canada Son of Elizabeth Badal.  He remembers his mother talking about William Baur who is with him in a school photograph taken in 1941.  He visited Darjeeling and the school last year.
Oreen Long (Eddy) 1950's USA Was at school with her brothers, Noel and Ronald.  Noel sadly passed away last year after a long illness.
Charles McGilchrist From 1950's India Still resides in the Darjeeling area and keeps in touch with old school friends.
Tony Morgan Never UK Grandson of Marvelle Dozey
Trevor Schubert 1957-65 Australia Would like to contact friends from his school years.
Margaret Griffith Never New Zealand Is the daughter of Lilian Nicholls who was in MHS from 1947-53. She hoped to contact Meera Hemmad, a friend of her mother, during a visit to India last year.
Brian Parker 1947 England Ira Dash (Rao) who he remembers from his year at school.
Frank Jacobs Never USA? Anyone who remembers his mother, Elizabeth Badel who was in from 1935 - 1945.
Kitty Katzell (Mildred Engberg) 1926-34 USA Anyone from her years at school.
Sheila Ingram Never England Any school friends of her mother, Margaret Pierce-Jones who attended MHS 1932-50.
Pratab Singh Rai 1954-67 India (Darjeeling) Any of his school friends
Thinley Dem 1972-82 Bhutan Old school friends
Rachel Cliffe (Isaacs) 1946-1951   Jaya Hemmad, Brenda (Maya) Guha, Bobby Singh, Marylou Forsgren.
Sajan Dhakal 1983-1993   Daniel Benjamin
Walsa Fox 1960 - 1971 Australia Anyone who would know about Elizabeth Pritchard, author of "The School in the Himalayas" a school that sounds very much like Mount Hermon. 
Susan Eason Never USA Any older students who may remember her great-great-grandaunt, Carolyn Stahl, Principal Queen's Hill and Mount Hermon School 1918 - 1929.
John Eade ?? - 1964 New Zealand  
Raji Woodland (Samuel) 1961 (Teacher)   Jenny Otterwell (who taught at MHS at the same time)
Mina Gupta (Khare) 1948 - 1954 USA Friends from her school years.
Tom Bates North Point 1939 USA Is looking for Carolyn Turner Newton who was in MHS to about 1939 and who he has lost contact with.
Dr. Tamding Gurmay 1963 - 1965 Japan Jayanta Gosh
Tien Hsi Chiang 1978 - 1989 ? Dr. Navreet Singh
Andrea Phillippe (Porter) & Sandra Phillippe (Robinson) 1959 - 1961 United Kingdom Dianne & Christine Tweedie, Marika Muller, Mylis Aho, Gwenan Thomas, Sheila George, Roberta & Janet Gray, Sasithorn Boonlong, Diki Wangchuk, Vijay & Amar Rai, Biswanath Prasad.
Rosemary Lee (Day) 1964 - 1965 United Kingdom Friends who were at school with her and who may have old photographs of that time.


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