Cindy Gibbs' Pictures 2018

Pictures taken on Cindy and Pradip's visits to Darjeeling in November/December 2017 and March/April 2018



Old Walls ... and New


School Building Front

Familiar Classroom Corridor

Staff Sitting Room

Study Hall

The Library

School Dining Room

Ready to Serve

The School Building Back

The Stewart Building

Fern Hill Boys' Hostel

Fern Hill Round Building (not in use)


The Mount Hermon Estate


One of the Sunset Cottages

Sunset Cottages again

The Pathway Below

A cottage nestling along the pathway

The Playing Field with cottage below

Encroachment - a clutter of buildings around the school parameter


Darjeeling Now


A crowded Chowrasta

Chowrasta from the other end

Brabourne Park - no longer a park but tiers of benches

Keventers - the boat is on another builing in the background

Glenary's - used to be Pliva's in the old days

Glenary's - new terrace & balcony at the back

St. Andrew's Chuurch - still standing but painted differently

The New Planters' Club under construction


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