Millennia ago, when the tribes of Israel were freed by Pharaoh, Moses began to lead them towards the Promised Land. When they reached the Red Sea, spirits plummeted as they had no way to reach the other side.  When Moses parted the Red Sea, the 12 tribes of Israel went first and the Hermonites were the last to cross. Moses led them into the Sinai Dessert where they spent next 40 years wandering around. Moses started to lead the tribes to the Promised Land by turning left at the top of the Sinai Dessert, but the Hermonites had become separated during a bad sand storm and lost sight of the others. The Hermonites continued on their travels to find the Promised Land. Moses had told the other tribes to turn left, but the Hermonites didn’t hear that instruction and there was confusion and much debate about which way they should go.  Someone at the back of the group suggested that they turn right. When asked why, he said, “God’s way is the right way”.  So they agreed and turned right and after many miles, ended up in Darjeeling. With rolling hills, clear water, temperate weather, they believed they had found the Promised Land. 

Fast forward to 1895 - Miss Knowles founded Arcadia, which begat Queen’s Hill School for Girls, which begat Mount Hermon School in 1930. For decades, Mount Hermon educated and graduated many young people. During the 1970’s, a group of people attended Mount Hermon and became fast friends, and upon leaving the school, scattered across the earth. 

After more than 40 years had passed with the Hermonites successfully living and working around the world, those in the Western Hemisphere received an email with a commandment to “Go ye to Montreat, Hermonites Unite!” 

Narrator stands beside the “Glen Rock Inn” with the announcement of the Hermonite Reunion under it. 

Some Hermonites arrived by plane, having faced the trials and tribulations of delays and lost baggage. (those who flew stand up) 

Some Hemonites arrived by car, having faced the trials of flat tires, finding rest stations and fuel, paying the tolls to use the highways and the bridges, and misguided GPS navigation devices – electronics are not as reliable as God’s directions. (those who drove stand up) 

Some looked into travelling by bus and decided this option would cause too much tribulation 

Having crossed the ‘big waters of the Atlantic or the Pacific Oceans’ many years ago (although it was never parted for the Hermonites), loosing connections with fellow tribesmen, suffering the trials and tribulations to meet at Montreat, the Hermonites vow to ‘Hail Mount Hermon!”


Especially written by Nigel and Margaret (Mapley)
for the Reunion's Talent Night.

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